It affects approximately 7% of pregnant women

2.    It usually has no symptoms

3.    You could potentially have a big baby greater than 9 lbs that poses risks regarding the delivery

4.    Untreated DM causes the baby’s blood sugar to be low when it’s born

5.    Increase risk of shoulder dystocia meaning the baby has broad shoulders and the head is delivered. But the shoulders get stuck

6.    If your sugar was very high before you became pregnant, there’s an increased risk of having a baby with deformities, especially in the baby’s brain

Many women who have GDM develop DM later in in life

What Helps?

  1. Staying away from white sugar, white bread, white rice, refined candy and lots of pasta during pregnancy
  2. If you have GDM, keep a log of your sugar levels
  3. Moderate exercise (please discuss with your OB professional first)




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