The picture represents how things are rapidly changing in healthcare because of the Coronavirus pandemic. It was recently designed through 3-D printing to protect both patient and anesthesia physician in the event a patient needs intubation.

How else has things changed, particularly for pregnant women?

  1. There are many hospitals who are now screening all pregnant women admitted in labor for COVID-19. Why? Because data demonstrates that 28% of pregnant women with no symptoms are COVID-19 positive.
  2. Only one partner is allowed with a patient during labor. Why? To reduce the risk of COVID by people who have COVID but not symptoms.
  3. Pregnant women might receive epidurals early in labor. Why? To reduce the risk of having to intubate a patient (thereby, increasing the risk of COVID exposure) for general anesthesia in the event of an emergency C. Section.
  4. Prenatal visits may be via telehealth or phone calls rather than face to face
  5. If you have a telehealth prenatal visits, be sure to tell your doctor or midwife about your

a. Blood pressure

b. Weight gain, especially if it’s greater than 3-5 lbs. in one week

c. Decreased movement of the baby

6. Wear a mask to protect yourself when you go outside or enter a hospital

7. If you are COVID-19 positive, you might be delivered in a special OR with negative pressure room. This means the air is forced out to remove contaminants (including viruses, bacteria and fungi). You will also be isolated from other patients.

I will continue to post additional information later this week regarding pregnant women and the COVID virus. Thanks for reading, please share and remember to maintain social distance because it saves lives.



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