According to a recent article in The New York Times and JAMA Pediatrics, the answer might be yes n the future.

As a mother of two cross country runners and basketball players, I prayed neither one of my sons would have a severe accident and fracture a limb. So far, the Universe has been kind.

Here are the fast facts about the article:

  • Pregnant women between 24 weeks and one week postpartum who took high doses of Vit D had children with stronger bones from infancy up to age 6 yrs of life
    • The study took place in Copenhagen, Denmark


    • The Vit D dose was seven times the normal dose or 28,000 IU per day


    • The high dose of Vit D didn’t harm the unborn baby


    • Both boys and girls had the same positive effect


    • Having strong bone in childhood will have beneficial effects as an adult that include reduced osteoporosis, reduced fractures, and increased bone minerals


    The evidence presented above is from a clinical trial study and is currently not a standard patient practice, although it might become one in the future.


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